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Sciopero scuola, la solidarietà internazionale

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PASYEK PEO Cyprus Solidarity message with the strike of USB Italy in schools on the 24-25 of September in Italy.

 PASYEK- PEO Cyprus expresses its solidarity with the strike called USB in schools on the 24th-25th of September and the demands for the guarantee of safe conditions and measures for the health   of all school workers and students, for the recruitment of teachers and cleaners on a permanent basis, and for more classrooms.

We stand on your side and we wish every success to the strike.


We assure you in the Italian USB Federation and to all workers that we will always remain in solidarity with you and with the demands of workers in the education sector.  To you, comrades, the militants, we respect and support all your demands ... and a comradely greeting to you from the Workers' Union Coalition in Palestine and the education workers in Palestine

, Mohammad Yahya,

 Secretary General, Worker Union Coalition in Palestine 9/24/2020

PAME Secretariat of Education expresses its support and solidarity to USB and the teacher’s strike in Italy on the 24th-25th of September

PAME Secretariat of Education expresses its support and solidarity to USB and the teacher’s strike in Italy on the 24th-25th of September demanding health protection measures.

The substantial health protection measures for the safe operation of the schools , the multiple needs for cleaning due to the pandemic ,the hiring of all the needed teachers and the reduction of students per classroom are demands that must be fulfilled immediately!

Instead of implementing such measures and after thousands of deaths, EU and Governments are focusing all their efforts on securing the profits of big business and deny any talk on spending on health and education. With daily mobilizations demand the Greek government to take the state responsibility and adopt the proposals of teachers and parents For the safe operation of schools.

We express our solidarity and we support your right demands  for  education, health, work and life with rights !



Solidarity with USB and with the workers in struggle in Italy

LAB, class oriented trade union from the Basque Country expresses its support with Italian USB and with all workers in struggle in Italy. USB trade union afliated to WFTU has called a nation strike in theaching sector on 24th and 25th of September asking for a safely return to classrooms to find adequate and healthy spaces, to have all teachers on duty from day one, to conduct real lessons, in presence, without risk.

The strike of 24th and 25th will be a first step. USB has called demonstration on 24th in front of Ministry and on 25th in many italian cities.

In the Basque country thousand of teachers, students and teaching sector workers took the streets past week with the same demands. The 70% of workers supported the strike called by all trade union with representation in the sector, but the Basque Government until today has not negotiated more resources with trade unions.

For that, all trade unions with representation in teaching sector have called again all workers in the education sector to participate in a demonstration for safely and face to face session and negotiate with trade unions and workers. The demonstrations will take place on October 2nd in different Basque cities.

LAB, on behalf of Basque class trade union movement expresses its support and solidarity with USB and Italian workers in struggle. Your struggle is our struggle. In this important moment it is very necessary a strong workers movements and trade unions. Only the organized working class can achieve its objectives, and only the struggle can become free the working class. We hope that this struggle will be a massive working class demostration in Italy.


FISE supports the teachers’ strike in Italy

The Word Federation of Teacher’s Union FISE, member of WFTU, sends its militant salute and support to the teachers’ strike on the 24th and 25th of September, which was announced by USB in Italy.

The Education and the teachers have been burdened by the pandemic and the protection measures, both in cases where they were taken as well as when they weren’t. Shortage in teaching personnel, overcrowding of pupils in the classrooms, deficiencies in the public healthcare sector, unsafe transportation are some of the issues, teachers are facing around the globe.

The militant unions do not suspend their operation. They react with militancy towards all these. The attempts of the governments to abolish the militant demonstrations, to muzzle the protesting voices, to abolish class struggle, have to be intercepted.

We cannot remain passive; only our struggle can change the situation. Best of luck for the preparation and the successful outcome of your demonstrations on the 24th and 25th of September 2020.




                                                            Asunto: solidaridad con su lucha

De nuestra especial consideración:

Nos es muy y honroso dirigirnos a usted, haciendo presente nuestro cordial saludo a nombre de la Unión Internacional de Sindicatos de Trabajadores de Servicios Públicos de la Federación Sindical Mundial - UIS/SP FSM, para América Latina y el Caribe, y le manifestamos lo siguiente:

Que, primeramente nos solidarizamos por la huelga escolar que realizaran los días 24 y 25 de Setiembre del presente año, es muy importante que vuestra organización sindical también luche por la seguridad de los escolares que son el futuro de su patria, nos sirve de ejemplo para realizar estas luchas en tiempo de pandemia del COVID – 19, que azota nuestros países, es tiempo que los gobiernos asuman su responsabilidad en la salud, educación, que son pilares para el desarrollo de nuestros países

Sin Otro particular nos despedimos de usted reiterándoles nuestra alta estima personal y esperando el éxito de su lucha de los días 24 y 25 de setiembre del presente año


       Perpetua Mejía Echevarría                                                                Daniel Catalano

Vice Presidenta de la UIS/SP-FSM,                                      Vice Presidente de la UIS/SP-FSM,

Para América Latina y el Caribe                                                Para América Latina y el Caribe


PAME: Solidarity with the Strike in the Schools of Italy September 24-25

PAME, member of WFTU, expresses its solidarity with USB of Italy, teachers, students and school workers in Italy who are going on a two-day strike on September 24-25 demanding health protection measures.

School staff in Italy, teachers and students demand immediate measures to ensure the safe return of students-teachers to schools. They complain about the lack of teaching and support staff in schools, as well as the lack of classrooms. Respectively in Greece, there are daily mobilizations of teachers-students demanding for increase of the number of classrooms, hiring teachers, 15 students per class.

Even today, after thousands of deaths from the pandemic, it is being proven that in both Italy and Greece, EU and Governments can always fund big business, industrialists and bankers, but never have money for the needs of the people in Health-Education.

PAME supports the just demands of the workers of Italy, which are also demands of the teachers, the unions, the parents and the students of Greece. We express our solidarity with the Strike in the Italian Schools on September 24-25.



TUI PS Europe of the WFTU expresses its support and solidarity with USB Italy, the teachers, students and school workers in Italy for their strike on September 24 - 25.

The workers in the schools and in public sector in general, together with the students, are fighting and demand to take immediate measures for the protection of health, for the recruitment of teachers and cleaners, more classrooms.

TUI PS Europe of the WFTU addresses a call to the organizations of Public Sector of Europe to express their support and solidarity with USB Italy, the teachers, students and school workers in Italy.

Militant greetings

Babis Vortelinos

TUI PS Vice President - Coordinator of Europe


USB called school strike 24th and 25th of September

USB has proclaimed the strike 24th and 25th of September, to ask the guarantee to all school workers and students to return to the classroom safely, to find adequate and healthy spaces, to have all teachers on duty from day one, to conduct real lessons, in presence, without risk.

It's much more than that: the reopening of the schools is a test for the government to demonstrate the effective ability to manage the crisis situation in which we find ourselves.

Two days of strike, students, teachers and school staff all mobilizing, can represent a first indication of the need to open a season of struggles throughout the country.

It is certainly for this reason that there is a multiplication of attacks on our proclamation of strike.

The school is the plastic representation of the society: whether aimed at achieving private wealth or a universal perspective that puts collective interests and the rational government of economic and cultural policy choices at the center.

In the months since the beginning of the health emergency, the Ministry of Education has not made the only, simple, choices to be made: recruitment (both precarious staff already in force and new staff) and adaptation of the school building.

The school, like the rest of the public administration, needs teaching staff but also non-teaching staff, hired for an indefinite period, it is appropriate that the precarious staff is stabilized.

The pandemic has highlighted that choices other than those aimed at the profit of private individuals are mandatory, if you want a fair society, this will be possible only if we make sure to reverse the course.

The strike of 24 and 25 can be a first step.

24th demonstration in front of Ministry.

25th demonstrations in many italian cities.

We cannot be passive, only our struggles can change the situation.

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